DIY Jewel-Button Cardigan

I'm a sucker for anything colorful, sparkly and unexpected.
This Sonia by Sonia Rykiel has all of those qualities so of course
I fell in love with it, but not the price.
Now, I have to let you guys know that I am not a very crafty person.
This is one of my first DIYs, but I figured it was pretty simple and inexpensive.

Here are the supplies you will need:

A grey sweater. 
I got this one from H&M for less than $20.
E6000 Glue or some other strong stuff and some big
 colorful jewels. Make sure you have enough to cover all of 
the buttons on the sweater. Make each one a different color.

Lay the sweater flat and line up where you want the jewels to go.
 Put glue on the first button, add a jewel and
hold the jewel down for a couple seconds.
And there you have it!

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christin said...

Julia, this is awesome! Great idea!

Natali said...

Oh wow!! The outcome is amazing! I must try to make this myself :)


Julie Cottrell said...

yeah, 100% gonna have to do this. genius :)


Jessica Broyles said...

Love it! Totally wakes up a grey cardigan!


Collections said...

Great DIY. Love it.

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jenn~the stylish housewife said...

CUTE!love that it wouldn't require ANY sewing. =)

xoxo, jenn
the stylish housewife

hipness18 said...

how do you unbutton and button it then?

Amy Breckenridge said...

i absolutely love this idea! thank you for sharing!

Phoebe said...

So do you have to pull this over your head now instead of unbuttoning it?

Julie said...

Just be sure to size up the cardigan so you can pull it over your head or maybe cut the button holes bigger.

Anonymous said...

Love it on the grey! Also would be fun with a punchy color!


Anonymous said...

How fun! With the jewels on can you button it back up or are the jewels too big for that? Super fun DIY

Lindsay @

Poor Girl Problems said...

Love this DIY! It's so cute and simple, I will be trying this in the future.

Virginia said...

This is awesome! Great project idea!

Caitlin C. said...

What an awesome idea! I love love it :)

Monica L. said...

Very cool and easyy! Loved it :D

Awkwardly Dancing: Fashion, Films, Photography and Music.

Courtney said...

So creative I love it! I definitely have to try something like this. Also you looks gorgeous in the post below, you have some amazing hair!

Amy said...

Awesome idea!



Morgan Lorene said...

I love this! I'm going to H&M this weekend and I'm totally going to try it! Thanks for the idea!
xo bisous

Unknown said...



sip-n-wear said...

Super easy diy!! It turned out great!

Lace And Tulle said...


Megan, TfDiaries.com said...

great idea!

Xo Megan

Jenna | The Eighty Twenty said...

I saw you post this on instagram last night and was thinking I'd have to wait awhile to see the end result! so cute.

Anonymous said...

so cute! love how it adds a pop of color to a simple sweater. i love cardigans, so i should definitley do this!

.aubrey c. said...

Cool idea this could really make me rethinking wearing some old cardis!


Unknown said...

So cute and clever!


Amor said...

This is great idea! :)


Stesha said...

such a cute Idea. I love it!

Dana said...

So cute! What a great idea.

Big City Farm Girl

Sweets of Life said...

Love this idea. It looks beautiful.
xo, Petra


Anonymous said...

This totally changes the look of the sweater, and makes it look like way, way more than $20. Fab idea!!! I featured one of my first DIYs today too on my (eeeek). I hope you'll take a peak..


fran said...

great choice!


Jackie said...

I'm usually not a big fan of DIY because I seriously get scared to ruin any of my clothes when I attempt anything (I've had failures in the past), but this looks cute and super easy.

Any recs on where to find the jewels? My guess would be Michael's?

anita_senorita said...

really cool!

Unknown said...

thx for the idea{;


Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl said...

I'm not much of a DIY-er, but I sure to do love changing out buttons on cardigans/dresses to jazz up the look. LOVE this!

Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl


Krystal Schlegel said...

That is so adorable! I'm horrible at DIY's, but this looks simple enough!
Thanks for sharing!

Samantha Green said...

LOVE this idea -- so cute :) xx

Ella said...

super cute! i love sonia rkyiel's pieces-they're so unique!

Real Girl Glam said...

Such an easy DIY and the perfect way to spruce up a plain cardigan. Looks great!

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