Hippie Chic Shorts

I love seeing what celebrities are wearing to get inspiration for my own outfits. One of my favorite people to follow is Vanessa Hudgens. She has a relaxed hippie-chic look that is always unique and put together, without a matchy-matchy feeling. Here she is wearing some seriously cute Kenny Guadalajara shorts in Magenta with an adorable leather and feather necklace.

My inspiration was Vanessa's shorts. They are just SOO CUTE. But I do not want to pay $132 for them! So, I found a pair at Forever21 (what would we do without forever?) that look extremely similar to them! Of course, at $14.80, I bought them! Pair them with a black tank, long sweater, some slouchy boots, annd your ready to go! I also found a necklace that looks almost exactly like the one Vanessa is wearing, but it is from Forever21 as well! And you cant pass up $4.80 for it!

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