Top Zara, Vest Olive Olivia, Skirt Forever21, Heels Charles David, Necklace Target

I cannot figure out if this top is green or yellow. It looks more green in person, but more yellow in my pictures. Anyway, I really like it and the color was a nice addition to my wardrobe. This cotton vest can be worn in so many ways. I have worn it with a white t-shirt and I have even worn it over a sequins tank top. I got it at a boutique called Stella in Fresno, CA. They have really cute inexpensive clothes, shoes, and accessories there. I just got back from San Francisco (I'm gonna be so tired at work in the morning) because we went to the Giants game. Although the game was not very exciting, we had a great time!

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Jandira said...

hi!!! gourgeus pics, and the outfit is very cool!!!xoxo
check out my blog, and tell me if you like it!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG your look is amazing!
you are so cute!

ciao ciao from Rome


mirjam schuurkamp said...

super pretty babe!
and my god, your TOOO prettyy

New outfit post.

Sophie said...

you are just drop dead gorgeous! in everything you wear! loving this look on you! xx

Vanda said...

Yellow suits you in PERFECTION!!! You are perfect!

Unknown said...

wow u are absolutely gorgeous.
i follow u now.

please visit www.newyorkfashion-sh.blogspot.com
follow back if u like.

kisses from nyc

THE CHEAP said...

You look like a freakin' model! SOOOOOOOOOO GORGEOUS.


Heather Davern Makeup said...

The yellow/green looks great on you! I love that skirt too.

Xoxo ☺ said...

Love how the yellow looks, Zara always has great stuff. xo

Angie said...

Love the top! I feel horrible for you to have had to sit through that horrible loss in the cold. The Mister and I couldn't bear to watch the majority of it on TV. Blah.




Alicia said...

GREAT outfit, LOVE the skirt :)
Alicia Mi Mundo ❤

Call me M said...

You look amazing! Love the yellow top!

Gawgus things... said...

Whatever the colour is, I love it! This is a great outfit xx

Anonymous said...

Whether is green or yellow is sure bring so much life to the outfit, you look great with that skirt!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Cara said...

Such a cute top, love the yellow (or green!) and black, and the vest is a perfect addition. You look beautiful!
xo Cara

Allyson said...

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! You look phenomenol!

Do you use a straightener or curling iron to curl your hair like that?


MaviDeniz said...

i love that bright yellow top!

Patrycja Tyszka said...

Thank you so much for a nice comment:)
I join followers too :)

Temporary:Secretary said...

You pull yellow off so well - i look horrid in yellow! Another pretty outfit x

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Loving that yellow on you. I have to be really careful with that particular shade. I can only really do it in accessories because I'm too pale for it.

j3nhow said...

love the yellow in this outfit!!! great blog!!!!!! uve got a really nice style!

xoxo jenna

Unknown said...

I love ur hair ! :o


I'm in love with those heels.

Anonymous said...

i love those heels. i have a similar pair from steve madden. do you live in fresno? i'm from a town near there and a lot of your pictures look like you could be in fresno...just curious!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

how beautiful are you? :)))
following each other? follow you now

XOX Sabrina

DediLovesFashion said...

love the colour of your shirt. and gorgeous heels!! =)

Anonymous said...

Stunning outfit. The colours look lovely on you!

Hope you had a wonderful time in San Francisco and you didn't fall asleep at work!!

Girl about Town XxX

little luxury list said...

Love the yellow and your hair is fab!
Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Bruna Correa said...

Wow, is so beautiful!


NRC♥ said...

Nice outfit, I like your shoes hun.

MJ said...

Great bright yellow top!


. said...

i absolutely love your outfits

Lady said...

Pretty girl!

It's Strangely Me said...

Simple outfit, I love it.
I can see why you're confused about the color lol. At first glance, I thought it was yellow but after reading what you wrote, I can see how it could be green too... How mysterious!

Btw, you're absolutely gorgeous.


Eve said...
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Eve said...

maybe its a lime green?:D
anyway, i love your hair! did u style ur hair or is it natural?
deleted last post, have some typos!:)

Katie said...

Looks great! My favorite place to find clothes is at boutiques.

The AG said...

I love your pairing of the Yellowgreen top with the Classic Black Skirt. It contrasts with the skirt and gives it a summery feel. Also the top gives the blacks and greys a POP of color!

The AG

Unknown said...

Hope you had a great time in San Francisco and love the yellow (or green) top on you :)


Britt + Whit

Beauty by the Dollar said...

your so pretty!!! i just found your blog and i love it
follow back if you like


You look amazing, love the colour of your top! x


Anonymous said...

Oh my! I loooove your hair! Super cute outfit. Yellow is so refreshing.

Caroline said...

I love your neon top paired with the vest! So cute :)


Jacquelyn said...

You are soo gorgeous! I love your hair and you have beautiful eyes!


Alessandra said...

I was very impressed by this vest... It's lovely!
Les Pommettes.

Bad Joan said...

Love the yellow shirt with the grey vest, great combo!


Chicca said...

Beautiful combination of colors!!!You look great!

StylishForever said...

You have gorgeous hair girlie! Your blog is super cool :)

Anonymous said...

this outfit is very pretty, love it


Aina said...

My gosh you are adorable! I am your newest follower!

Keep up the great work! Also, wanna follow each other? You know how it is starting a new blog...



genevieve said...

I'm smitten with your beautiful hair and lovely, colorful top!

Anonymous said...

This outfit totally inspired me! Im a more casual kind of girl so i would go with some black shorts and maybe some flats or sandals but i am in love with this! <3 I love your style Julia!

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