Borrowed from the Boyfriend

Button up Lacoste (Thomas's), Jeans Hudson, Heels Banana Republic (on sale!), Belt Urban Outfitters, Watch Michael Kors, Sunnies Replay

Somedays when I'm feeling like I have nothing to wear, I like to go and raid Thomas's closet. He has quite the collection of Lacoste polos, button-ups, and t-shirts. Since they are are pretty over-sized on me, I like to pair them with skinny jeans or something that that is more fitting. I love the overall look of wearing menswear but adding feminine touches. 
For those of you that want to go and try on some of your boyfriend's (or guys friends!) clothes, here are a few tricks to avoid looking like your drowning in them:
-Roll up the sleeves & then push them up 
-Add a belt around the waist to get some shape back
-Tuck in the front so it's not hanging down, but leave the back out so it still looks casual
-Pin it in the back with a brooch to again, get some shape back
-Pop the collar a bit to add some style :)

Thomas's shirt (in the last pic) is one that I really love to wear often with some skinny jeans to class.

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Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I raid my boyfriend's closet sometimes too! Boys clothes are always more comfy anyways :P


Tanya said...

cute!!! love the boyfriend lacoste shirt.


Lauren Helen said...

The guy I'm in a relationship with is into the fashion industry, and makes a lot of his own clothes - sometimes boyfriends just have the nicest clothes ;)

Anonymous said...

I love wearing my bf and brother's clothes too! Shirts specially, there's something about menswear that I love! You rocked it!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

Love love love this look and adore the jeans. I'm going to be on the search for some like them.

Unknown said...

I love this look..such a laid back ensemble.

I am doing a Jeffrey Campbell giveaway on my blog and I'd love for you to enter. http://www.walkinwonderland.com/2011/10/purple-blazerjeffrey-campbell-giveaway.html



Laura said...

you are so cute with that shirt :)


Francesca-Restyle Restore Rejoice said...

I love stealing my husband's tshirts and sweaters to layer on cold days! So snuggly and they always smell great!


Ballerina'sBun said...

You look fantastic with the button up from you boyfriend ! Xx nadine from ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

mai said...

gorgeous. only works if you have a bf with good style though :)

Nina Josephine said...

You look great!


Mihaela said...

Hhaha awesome.^^

my blog-follow me♥mfashionfreak

agatazamorska said...

love this set !

Anna Pope said...

The boyfriends alway have the short end of the stick, don't they? We get to wear not only our clothes but steal theirs too and still look gorgeous ;))

I love the look, the shirt is amazing and thank you for the tips :)

Vanda said...

Love the boyish shirt on you!!!looking great!!!!

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

LOVE it! i often steal my boyfriend's clothes as well :) I add a belt to his button ups, put some shorts on, and I'm ready to go! Gorgeous sunnies :)


Fashion Fractions

India said...

love your sunnies!

Lace and Tulle said...

Nice!! love the boyfriend shirt!!!

Belle de Couture said...

Love how this is menswear, but still chic... and the retro sunnies are fab... gorgeous as always :)



E said...

totally chic menswear! I WANT your sunglasses!!

Cara said...

Love the boyfriend oversized shirt look, and love that the shirt is actually your boyfriend's!! You look gorgeous as always,
xo Cara

Jess said...

I know the feeling when you don't feel like you have anything to wear and want to raid the boys closet! Only problem is my boy has ridiculously big shoulders for his age and i look pretty stupid in his shirts!

His mums closet is pretty good though!!
You look gorgeous as always! Loving those sunnies too!

xoxo Jess

Chelsa said...

I love the menswear look. I however could never fit into my fiance's clothing. I'm 5'2" and a size 2 and he's 6'3" with very broad shoulders.

two birds said...

and i bet he thinks it's super sexy! i love this look on you!

Sia said...

Lol, such a great idea. I love you in his shirt. XOXO

Catie Broscius said...

This looks so comfortable & effortlessly chic. Guys clothes can be way more comfortable !


Beckerman Girls said...

I just LOVE those sunnies! U look sooo Ralph Lauren chic! And that blouse is A+++MAZZZINg-- sooo cool and menswear always rocks the casbah! Fab style babe!
xoThe Beckerman Girls


noone said...

you look amazing! I always love the boyfriend inspired looks on women I think it's really hot haha

hannahstiff said...

I love those sunnies! Raiding the bf's closet is such a sure way to come out with a unique, fresh outfit! Xo

real girl, real body fashion:

Shikhu said...

Amazing outfit! Really love the overall look and I love wearings boys shirts, its sometimes hard since I'm pretty petite but I love the look, as you said with "the feminine touch"

Great, great, great look!

Natalie Dressed said...

Great tips! I really like the baby blue contrasted with the black pants. This is such a casual cute look. I'm obsessed. :)

BronsonBloopers said...

Haha I do the same thing when I feel like I have nothing to wear. Sometimes the bigger shirts are just so comfy :) I like your tips on making it look better.

canvasofculture said...

love this post. gorgeous blog!


Beantown's Barbie said...

Super cute look!

Gameday Stylist said...


- Sara @ Gameday Stylist

Sorcha said...

These are such great tips for making men's clothing wearable. I'm such a shortie that I've always avoided it. The sleeves would just be ridiculous on me... but some of these could definitely help!

Sorcha x
Bonfire Brunette

Mary Lynn said...

Just did this today. Posted about your inspiration =)



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