One Year

Today officially marks the one year anniversary of Gal Meets Glam.
I started my blog a year ago today on whim, never having looked at a blog before.
I wanted to create a site where I could share all of my passions combined
- fashion, styling, beauty and everything glam.
I decided on creating a blog because it was a quick and easy way of getting started. 
After about a week of having my blog, I was blown away from discovering this "blog world".
I found so many inspirational people, pictures, websites, videos and I couldn't wait to get my hands on a little bit of everything. 
I feel so blessed to be able to share what I love and have such an amazing group of readers who have encouraged me along the way. This whole thing is a learning process and I continue to grow with each day. It's funny to look back and remember having 1 page view (I'm pretty sure it was my own) and to look how far it has come now. 
My blog has given me so many great opportunities and has connected me with people I otherwise would have never met. I am so grateful for all of the amazing relationships I have been able to build and to know that hard work does pay off. 
I want to thank you all for following me through this journey and continue with me as I take these next big steps in life. They are the biggest yet (graduating college, moving to a big city with my fiancĂ©, starting my first "real job" and getting married) and I'm beyond ready to take it all on. 
xo Julia

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~Jeimy~ said...

congratulations on your amazing blog!!!

Jillian Nicole said...

Wow! What an exciting milestone! Congratulations and here's to another wonderful year!:)

Rory said...

Congrats, Julia! You've grown so much and been so successful in one short year! I've loved following your blog as you are so fashionable and have a way with words! Can't wait to see more from you this year!! <3

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday!! You are such an inspiration to other blogs. Congrats on your success so far!


Natali said...

What a wonderful words... It's always such a big joy when you get feedback and great results for your hard work.
Happy birthday to this blog!! :)


Lauren said...

Happy blogiversary!
I love your blog, so inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday for your blog!

Style Servings said...

Aaaaw congrats! What a lovely post!

Unknown said...

Your blog is wonderful and I hope there will be many more years to follow :)

Borjana said...

My blog turned 1 few days ago,too!Congrats!;)

Southern Styled Flair by Brandi said...

Congrats! Love your blog. I just started mine and would love for you to check it out! www.flairbybrandi.blogspot.com


alison*elle said...

I can't believe your blog is only a year old, you've accomplished so much! Congrats!

xo, alison*elle

Bethany said...

congratulations! love reading your blog so much!

Britt { Magpie Collective } said...

Congrats! You create beautiful and informative content and I think I can speak for all of your readers when I say we can't wait to see this grow even more!


La Petite Olga said...

Happy blog anniversary!

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

congrats and here is to many many more!


Fashion Fractions

Madeleine said...

Congratulations, you should be proud ! It's a beautiful blog .

Happy Blog Anni !


Madeleine @ theexpensivest.blogspot.com

Anna said...

Congrats! That is such a great accomplishment!

Julie said...

oh my word, Julia! I can't believe you've only been doing this for a year! you are such a fashion inspiration. congrats on having such a successful blog, you're doing an amazing job!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, darling! And may many great things come your fashionable way!

LEANNE DEE said...

Congrats on the one year anniversary! Your blog is such an inspiration! I hope I am half as successful by my one year mark (I just hit one month)! Keep up the good work!


eelsay said...

Congrats & Happy Birthday to your Blog!!


Louise said...

Congratulations! I love following your blog <3


Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Love your blog, you've done a beautiful job.


Glamourvine said...

Happy Anniversary Julia! Thank YOU for providing the beautiful blog and a forum for all things glam that we get to enjoy everyday. I am so glad you had the passion and courage to start this blog that brightens so many days. I wish you happiness and success on all your endeavors in life!!

Unknown said...

Congrats, it's such a lovely blog :)
Brooke @ what2wear, monikabrooke.blogspot.com

MonochromeMagpie said...

Congrats hun! Can't wait to see what the next year brings :) x

Monochrome Magpie

Marisa said...

Congrats on your 1-year blogiversary! You've accomplished so much in 12 short months and I can't wait to see where else this beautiful blog will take you. Enjoy your upcoming journey, it will be exciting! xo


Brigitte Honeybee said...

congratulations doll!
you have come so far! my little looks up to you :)

BreezeyBee Blog

Sparkle and Co said...

Happy blogday and long life to it! x

Temporary:Secretary said...

Happy blog birthday and congrats on all you have achieved x

Unknown said...

Congratulations - you've come a long way in a year! :)


Laia said...

congratulations!! keep posting and make a lot of more years in the blog

Chelsea Mac said...

Congratulations on hitting this milestone and good luck with all of the exciting adventures your future holds!!!

Chelsea (www.hautechildinthecity.com)

Michelle's Style File said...

Congrats Julia- you are fab!


Dianna said...

congrats, you've done a fine job.


sip-n-wear said...

happy birthday to your blog!!!

Nina said...

Congratulations, sweet girl and Happy Blog Birthday! Thanks for inspiring us all :) xxox

naghmeh said...

gosh Julia! congratulations! you deserve all the success you have right now, you worked very hard for all of it! can't wait to see more glam posts from you :)

Ally said...

Congrats! That's so amazing.. I can't believe you've only been doing this for a year.. you're such a pro and so inspiring! Great work... keep it up.. you have an amazing blog :)


Megan Dodd said...

I just discovered this blog yesterday and it quickly became my new favorite. I can't wait to see more from you! Your style is to die for xoxo

fran said...

congratulations for this, your blog is fantastic


I Art Fashion said...

Wow, happy 1 year!
Best wishes :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I love your blog! You can definitely tell that you put a lot of work into it! Thanks for being such a great fashion inspiration!

Unknown said...

Congratulates and best of luck with the bright road ahead!

xo, Abbey (District Dress Up)

LEIGH said...

Congratulations! Sounds like you have another great year ahead of you :)

Anonymous said...

Happy blog anniversary!!!

Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?

Unknown said...

Congrats on your 1 year and wishes for many more to come! :)


Sweets of Life said...

Happy Birthday for your Blog and Congrats for you. I am a big fan of your Blog. You have many fabulous Fashion Outfit. I love your style and I looking every day on your blog. I wish you all the best for you and your blog in the future.
xoxo, Petra


madilla said...

Found your blog today. Congratulations! Wishing you all the luck with your next big steps!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Anniversary!!!!

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