Designer Love: Mara Hoffman

I first discovered Mara Hoffman through one of her swim suits that
I saw pinned on Pinterest. The intricate pattern and detail instantly grabbed
my attention and then immediately went on my wish list. 
I love when I discover a new designer or line that instantly takes my mind on a 
journey of where I would wear that item. I feel as if I would explore caves, swim
in a tropical ocean and immerse myself in a culture I know nothing about while
wearing these beautiful things.
I tend to do this a lot with things I fall in love with. Please tell me I am not
the only one that does this?!

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Natali said...

This playsuit and bag look wonderful!


Dianna said...

your not the only one!!!!

Love all these items.

Briseidy said...

everything is divine! I love the prints!

Cady said...

She's amazing! My wish list is getting too long ;).

Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl said...

Mara Hoffman makes the best summertime swimsuits and dresses...so chic and fun!

Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl


Ally said...

Loooove the dress! The patterns are sooo fun


Cassie Baeker said...

I've loved Mara Hoffman for a couple of years, whether its the beading or bright patterns, Mara Hoffman brings beautiful things year after year! The pattern on that last dress is perfection! www.cassierogers.blogspot.com

Lace And Tulle said...

love the dress and the bag!!!!

Because of Jackie said...

No, you are not the only one! I am glad there are other people out there in the world as obsessed with fashion and fashion "moments" like me:)

Because of Jackie said...

No, you are not the only one! I am glad there are other people out there in the world as obsessed with fashion and fashion "moments" like me:)

Anonymous said...

These pieces are so pretty! I love the patterns and details. I want those soludos; they're sp Mediterranean chic.


Chelsea said...

Oh my godzilla that dress is out of this world beyond amazing!!!

One of the best things about design and fashion is the emotion and experience they evoke from you. Imagining how and where you'd wear a certain item is just part of the process!


ACT said...

Oh my gosh... love this! the romper and bikin are now on my wish list as well as a tropical getaway.

xo Ashley

Tami said...

Awesome Patterns! Unique bag, and love the dress!
XO Tami

Dana said...

Mara Hoffman makes the best swim suits! I'm loving these prints

Big City Farm Girl

Krystal Schlegel said...

I love that romper and suit! Such fun prints!


Carolyn said...

The print/cut on that dress is PERFECTION.

Alyssa said...

I love all of your choices, but that playsuit is especially fun!


sip-n-wear said...

loving the romper!

Lindsey Hutter Style Client Page said...

I love Mara Hoffman! Her sample sale starts tomorrow in NYC! Details here: http://www.caviartaste.com/2012/06/mara-hoffman-sample-sale.html
Love you blog.

Jessica Broyles said...

I love these pieces! Beautiful!


naghmeh said...

you are most definitely not the only person that does this! I do it all the time, it's so fun!
I am loving the patters and designs on these items! especially the romper, bikini and the dress!

Unknown said...

Amazing pieces, love it! :)


The Sparkle Girl said...

Anyone know how to make these types of collages?


Mackenzie said...

Im loving all of these prints!

Collections said...

Loving all of this.


Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

I totally do the same thing, and I would love to go exploring in some Mara Hoffman fabulousness

natalie.kiesler said...

Love Mara Hoffman! It's also available at Hint Boutique!


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