Leather Love

Glasses Ray Ban, Tank Michael Stars, Jean Button-Up Target, Skirt Forever21, Shoes and Necklace Target, Belt Forever21, Purse Tory Burch, Watch Michael Kors

Hey Everyone! So this is a re-post since blogger decided to delete everyone's previous posts. I am sad because it deleted all of your sweet comments :) I love hearing from all of you and luckily I did write down some of the great books you guys recommended! I hope everyone has a great Saturday. I am loving Seattle right now and can't wait for Hawaii on Monday!!!!
xxoo Jules

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Unknown said...

i love the leather skirt~

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Kiara said...

You should read "The Help" It's SO good!

Anonymous said...

you rocked this skirt! i love it! enjoy your travels and can't wait to see some photos! <3

mirjam schuurkamp said...

you look adorable!
so pretty and like the outfit girl


Linda said...

I love your outfit and how you combined your leather skirt !
I think we have the same watch :) haha

What sort of books do you like, maybe I can recommend you some good ones ?

xoxo linda <3

Anonymous said...

you are beautyful :)
i love your hair and your outfit. i like how you put everything together.
p.s. i wish i was as tan as you :)

Kori said...

You look adorable! Have a great time...you could read my book! I just finished my first novel! Have a great Thursday doll! Kori xoxo


james said...

you look great!!! love this look :) so girly!

Kim P. said...

nice outfit :)


Chelsea said...

Soo cute! You have really nice skin too! What kind of foundation do you use?

Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

Ohsocute! Love the striped detail on that skirt...fabulously casual look hun! Happy trails to you!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Marla Horenbein said...

Dear John, A Wedding in December, and all of the Chelsea Handler books...my faves.

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

love the skirt. x

p.s. I'm having a giveaway for a $75 gift card to old gold boutique if you'd like to check it out. xx

Emanuela said...

gorgeous, looove the skirt!!! :)

xo Emma

Alicia said...

Great look girl! I love a denim&leather combo!



mirjam schuurkamp said...

Hi girl!
i LOVE it,
your so pretty

im sorry but blogspot have erased my new post, so again my post online.. Hope you can put a sweet comment again on my blog.

New/Old post, www.mirfashion.blogspot.com

XxX mirjam.

Mac said...

I love this outfit, and have fun in Hawaii! That sounds like a ton of fun!

Susie Heymer said...

I loved her look! very stylish!

Linda said...

Looks great on you :) I think we have the same watch! haha

Take a look at my blog if you like, I just started it !



Miri said...

Great skirt - and I love how you styled the blouse/shirt with the belt!

Miri's Castle

Pieter said...

Fabulous outfit!
Love the skirt x


lila Braga said...

Looks great on you :)...very cool taste!

Dhalia Edwards said...

I like the jean blouse and purple mixed in with the leather...Great look.


Jane Alisa said...

Really lovely outfit, love the purple. Thanks for following me, following you back. xoxo

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

I love the skirt - the panels are so pretty! Have the best time!


Selvaggia Capizzi said...

Great outfit!!!
Enjoy Hawaii!!

Henar said...

Aw, this is beautiful,
I love it!

Henar ♥

Astrid Storm said...

this is so inspiring, actually, you're whole blog is - the vibe is so great!
Hope you'll pass by and follow too.

Anonymous said...

awesome skirt girl!
great look, post and blog :')


Fashion Nicotine said...

You're a very pretty girl! nice look! x

Cindy said...

I love the skirt! You look very beautiful :)

mirjam schuurkamp said...

wait for a new post sweety

wanna see me without extensions?
new post on my blog.

the nyanzi report said...

absolutely beautiful and fabulous!

Jackie @ EatLove&Style said...

Love your style and blog...new follower!!!


Marissa said...

I love that purple top! PS- I gave you an award on my blog :) xoxo Marissa


Anonymous said...

woooooooooooow such a beauty !!
follow now

XX Sabrina

Unknown said...

Love the sunglass's!

Kellie Collis said...

Lovely outfit! Have a fabulous day, Kellie xx

Zarna said...

that belt is so cute! my blog got messed up with the whole blogger snafoo as well!

Swirls of Happy said...

Love your blog! Now following :)


Alina said...

Beautiful look!Love the denim-purple combo!xoxo

Fash Boulevard said...

Love this post. Your outfit is amazing. I love how you added the belt. That is one of my favorite new trends. Great flats as well. Loving you blog. xoxo

I would love for you to stop by Fash Boulevard again soon.

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