My Hair Curl Video Tutorial

Hey gals! So I have received quite a few email requests to do a tutorial on how I curl my hair. 
So with some extra time to spare today I brought out my tri-pod and did just that!
I hope that this helps and if you have any questions please let me know :)


And here is what the finished product looks like, that way you didn't have to sit through 

15 minutes of me curling my hair!

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La Petite Olga said...

Great! I'll try it out as soon as my hair is a bit longer!

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

Chelsea said...

Love it! I'm soo glad you made this video. I try to do the beachy/wavy look too, but this video makes doing that a lot easier!

DariaG said...

I was searching for a tutorial like this. You are really nice also without curling your hair :) I' m following u now!

Bad Joan said...

You make it look so simple! Your hair always looks so gorgeous, got to try this. Thanks for sharing.


JanandJill.com said...

Wow, it looks great, thanks for sharing and I love your nautical striped shirt with that skirt


Unknown said...

Thanks for the tutorial girl! Your hair looks so soft and health - I'm gonna have to try that Aveda product you use. I curl my hair the same way but it doesn't look as soft as yours! Have you ever colored your hair?

Jackie said...

So pretty! I just chopped my hair and I'm so regretting it. I love your outfit, the black striped sweater looks so cute with pink skirt and especially love your name necklace. xx-Jackie

Jandira said...

hi! so easy, and it looks so pretty...xoxo

check out my new post...


Vasu said...

Amazing tutorial, thanks for sharing. Ur hair are so beautiful


Ammie Eliza Davies said...

oooooooh thank you!


Michelle's Style File said...

This is great, with my long hair the curl is gone within 5 minutes. Curling from halfway up is very clever. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

great video, julia! :)

xo jeanette

Vanille said...

i love it, fantastic video julia =D

kiss Vanille


Call me M said...

Great tutorial video! I like curling my hair like this, it has a nice effect!

Holly Joe said...

i love love love this tutorial Julia! I have been waiting for this for a lonnng time! You a beautiful :)
I will deffinatly have to try this out. I usually curl my hair all in the same direction but am going to try doing it both directions!
Thank you for this wonderful tutorial :)


Mary said...

Beautiful hair!

I found your blog and I fell in love!!
I will follow you!


Vanda said...

You have a BEAUTIFUL hair!! Wish I had the same!!!! Nice result, for a beautiful YOU!!!

Cecylia said...

you look amazing!!!
Come follow my blog darling :)

Bree said...

This is what I want my hair to look like. Although I'm certain I could never do it on myself. But I shall give it a try!

Alison said...

I've been wanting to try this with my hair for a while now! It used to be almost as long as yours until I went to a new stylist and she cut it way too short :( Seems easy enough, though, even for someone who's awful at curling their own hair (aka me).

Love your blog, btw!


Melanie (The Style Notebook) said...

Gorgeous! great tutorial, you should do more of them :)

Cara said...

Great video, always love to learn the tricks :) Your hair always looks so gorgeous!
xo Cara

Belle de Couture said...

Ah-some video tutorial, Julia! You did GREAT! :)




Anonymous said...

You have amazing hair, you make it look so easy, and fast, loved the video!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Carlinn said...

Loved your vid! Subbed to your channel now as well :) Hope you make more :)

Tamara said...

I loved your video! How long is your hair? And did you coloured it?

Lippylash said...

It looks gorgeous!! You have beautiful hair!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial! I miss my long hair! It used to be as long as yours and I chopped it all off, but fortunately it is getting longer again. And I have been searching for ways to get your exact type of curl! Very helpful and I am definitely going to try it.

Love your blog! Always great posts!

Along Abbey Road

Mrs. C said...

Such a great tutorial!

Recipes Marriage Fashion

Milda said...

love how natural the curls look. and your hair is beautiful, great colouring

Jess said...

Im so glad i have found your blog! You are so lovely and i love your style! This hair tutorial is really helpful! I always straighten my hair as it is not really long enough to curl (although sometimes i cheat with hair extensions!)

I would love for you to come and check out my blog hun!!


Sending lots of love! Jess xx


such a great video lady!! xo

The Daily Tiara said...

Great tutorial! I have started curling my hair like that as well because when I start curling from the bottom it completely fries the end of my hair! This way is not quite as bad!


stylecomb said...

Great tutorial! I never thought of moving the curling iron down as I go. Your hair is beautiful!


hammeringcherry said...

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Due to the fact that everything on my blog is in Polish all over again I decided to write you in English:)

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Lindsey said...

You look so pretty! And the tutorial actually works!!


Unknown said...

thanks for the tutorial!! i have superlong hair too and usually use hot rollers to curl mine, but i like how your ends are straight, so i'm def gonna try this! xoxo

Diana said...

i have just recently learned how to curl my hair properly :-x your hair always looks gorgeous!! and you're too cute too :) xo


Miss Monroe said...


Love it!

michelle_ said...

will defo try this out ! the curls turn out sooo gorgeous and natural !

www.glisters and blisters.com

Gorete Sousa said...

GREAT blog!!!



angela.matina said...

Julia you have the most gorgeous hair! So glad you are sharing some of your fabulous tips with us:) Have a wonderful weeekend lovely!



Lovelyladyjb said...

Hi, new follower! Super glad you did this I will try this out! :) Thanks!

Ballerina'sBun said...

wow your curly hair looks amazing :) tomorrow i will test if it looks also so beautiful on myself <3 lovely greetings from Nadine, ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

Audrey Leighton said...

thanks for the tutorial - always helpful! :)

Love Joice said...

Such a great hair style tutorial, your hair always look stylish, I thought you we're spending hours to style it, who knew it didn't take that long! great post xx Joice

Yelena Starikova said...

Great Video ~ I love it!


The little world of fashion said...

Great tuto video :)

Ly said...

Great video.


blair @ the fox and she said...

this is seriously a fool proof way to curl my hair, I love the way it looks! thanks for the tutorial


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